tobot - the TOB robot

Simple backup module for linuxconf

Version: 0.2
Date: 2000-09-06
Development status: Alpha
License: GPL
Contact: Stein Vråle <>


Tobot is a small and simple backup module for linuxconf, which purpose is to give users a simple way to backup and restore systemfiles through Linuxconf dialogs.

Please note this module is under development, the current version should work ok but watch out for problems.


Uses the tob backup script as backup engine.
Define paths to include and exclude for each volume.
Can perform full, incremental or differiental backups.
Each backup run is logged to to file.
Each file is compressed and written individually, for faster and safer restore of single files.


Use linuxconf privilege system to let operator run, but not modify, volume backups.
Add support for individual config of several backup engines/devices.
Use linuxconf crontab features for easy setup of cron scheduled backup runs.


To use tobot you need both the tobot and the tob package.

Both are available from the Package Distribution Central.


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