LDAPconf is a plug-in module for linuxconf, providing configuration dialogs for OpenLDAP server and client. The LDAPconf distribution includes some client tools for managing LDAP directory information, setting up new directories, operating servers, and some support for ldap-auth (using nss/pam) systems.

The LDAPconf code and structure design is still classified as status alpha. No stable distribution has so far been released, but LDAPconf is still under active development, targeting both for new features, and more stable functionality.

The LDAPconf module is distributed under the conditions described in the GNU Public License.
Copyright 1999,2000,2001 by Stein Vråle

Current LDAPconf version is 0.19 - Released 2001-09-22 - Release type DEVEL
General information
Motivation Some background and information about the LDAPconf project (very old and outdated).

Documents Folder including most of the documents in the distributed package (README, TODO, CREDITS, etc).

Help files This is the help files included in the module, normally opened inside linuxconf but a copy can be browsed here to give an idea of what ldapconf is all about (Note! Most of the helpfilesneed to be updated).

Source documentation Browse source code and class design (Generated by doxygen, a documentation generator we're currently evaluating).

CVS archive Browse development source and history (using cvsweb).

Demo ( Currently disabled ) Browse the demo installation of LDAPconf, to get an impression of the module's dialog interface and design, in HTML mode. (Currently running an older release of ldapconf.)
The demo interface is provided by a linuxconf server running in a chroot environment, and I have so far not been able to get the ldap binaries to run inside the chroot system, so it is not possible to do any real LDAP operation/managment/etc from this demo. Still it should give an impression of the module features.
Also note that the distributed ldapconf package includes a demo profile with full admin access to the LDAPconf online test directory. It may be used to test if the ldapconf/ldap installation is working correctly, or to try out the LDAPconf account management in "real", without the need for setting up a local directory first.


  • Latest LDAPconf package release.

  • Links to external packages, links to download sites for the required and optional packages.


  • A mailing-list for announces and discussions is available.
  • Send mail to majordomo@terminator.net with subscribe ldap in the body to join.
  • The list is also archived.

Contact address

User feedback are most welcome, please send comments, bug reports, ideas, ldap integration questions, or other somewhat related stuff, to the mailing-list or directly to me. I'm especially interested to hear from people using ldapconf regularly.

Stein Vråle <stein@terminator.net>

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Latest news about ldapconf and openldap

2001-09-22 ldapconf 0.19
This release is mainly a rebuild of the ldapconf package to fix a problem on 
RH 7.x (maybe others) where linuxconf is segfaulting after ldapconf is installed.
 - RPM built on RH7.1 with linuxconf-1.26r1.
 - Some minor improvments and fixes.
2001-01-24 ldapconf 0.18.1
  * Bug fixes for the most critical problems detected so far in 0.18.x:
      - log-file string error caused segfaults, slow operation, and 
	    invalid log entries.
	  - The system account exclusion in migrate account dialog was inverted.
	  - Set more of the parameters when auto-generating manager profile.
	  - Some other fixes.

  * Rewrote some dialog messages, more translation support, fixed some widgets.  

  * RPM compiled for latest linuxconf-1.24r2 (LINUXCONFAPIREV 18):
    From now on (linuxconf-1.24r2) linuxconf module packages will be prefixed 
    with linuxconf-, so the new package name is now linuxconf-ldapconf.
    This will only affect the RPM database/operation (and distribution file names), 
	which will use the full name from now.
    I have modified the distribution system to handle this new problem, but if you
    find invalid links on the dynamic download index, please send me a note.

	!!! Important upgrade notice !!!

    If you use RPM to upgrade ldapconf from v <= 0.18.0 to v >= 0.18.1 
	make sure you remove the old version (with rpm -e ldapconf). Since the 
	RPM name is different rpm -Uvh linuxconf-ldapconf will NOT erase the previous 
	package, leaving old files in the linuxconf lib dir.

  * Makefile now includes two new targets to simplify cvs builds:
	make cvs-build - builds RPM package from latest (devel) source in CVS. 
	(useful for snapshots/devel).

	make cvs-build-release - builds RPM package from latest released (public) 
	source in CVS. (useful for "stable" updates).

2001-01-21 ldapconf 0.18.0

Many improvements and some new handy features which finally should make ldapconf a bit more usable for "real" work.
The current release works mostly ok for the developers, but has not yet been tested by any external users.
Known bugs exists, documentation still sucks, and more bugs and problems most certainly will show up.
User feedback wanted, to detect and give priority to the most urgent problems.
Development code is available by anon cvs, write access may be granted to active contributors.
Great thanks to Matthieu Araman for adding many useful functions and testing/debugging the openldap-2.x interface.

  • New (and better) LDAP command interface and data handling:
    		- Now works with OpenLDAP 2.x (1.x still supported).
    		- Supports multivalue attributes.
    		- Better handling of list attributes.
  • New helper functions in useradmin makes it more usable:
    		- User defined defaults for common account parameters.
    		- Auto generate mail addresses.
    		- Auto generate gn,sn,gecos.
    		- Auto allocation of uid/gid.
  • Improved directory operation:
    		- All operations performed online (no need to shutdown server).
    		- Auto generate manager profile when creating new directory database.
    		- Migrate users from system passwd file.
    		- Export LDIF data from directory to file.
    		- Import LDIF data from file to directory.
  • Other changes:
    		- French translation of most dialog messages.
    		- vregistry support for client setup, more to come.
    		- Cleaned up a bunch of small bugs and removed obsolete code.
    		- Logfile support.
2001-01-09 ldapconf 0.17.0
  • Migration from /etc/passwd, generate defaults using local domain, bugfixes, compiled for linuxconf 1.23/rh6/rh7
  • The next release will use new parser routines supporting openldap-2, it will hopefully work with openldap-1 but if problems 0.17.x may be used with openldap-1.
  • Next release is very close, in addition to openldap-2 support it will also includes a bunch of new features and improvements.
2000-07-14 ldapconf 0.16
  • Support for encrypted passwords, virtual domains, improved form and profile support, more bugfixes, more dialog and menu cleanup, support for Conectiva Linux.
2000-05-16 ldapconf 0.15
  • Major updates in useradmin client dialogs, new functions for useradmin,some cleanup.
2000-05-10 ldapconf 0.14
  • The previous 0.13 release missed some of the latest files. This one should compile and work with linuxconf-1.18r1. Also some small fixes.
2000-05-08 ldapconf 0.13
  • Fixes and support for new dialog features in newer linuxconf releases (tested with linuxconf-1.18)
24.9.1999 ldapconf 0.12
  • Group support - simple dialog for adding and deleting group members
Old news